kevina lee

Hi! My name is Kevina (pronounced keh-VEE-nah, or "Kevin with an A at the end").

In a nutshell: My parents are from Hong Kong; I was born in San Francisco; I spent my childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and I currently live in South Florida.

I work in marketing and communications, but I dedicate a lot of time and heart to the causes I believe in and the organizations I'm a part of.

At my magazine's fourth-issue release party in April 2013, my staff and friends surprised me with the video tribute above. :)

My favorite thing in the world is being able to inspire an entire community through story. I consider myself a writer, a designer and a free spirit because there are no limits to how you can tell a story and spread the word about a great cause. I also thrive on a good challenge.

I'm always looking for neat things to do and cool people to meet. Contact me to learn more!